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Gods village yi pavilion is located in luoyang luoning gods village national forest park, is a "bamboo culture" as the theme of the hotel, here mountain, the peak strange, strange stone, water show, springs and waterfalls, zhuang, Lin, bamboo gorge deep and remote, is a feeling a time-transcending of original ecological natural beauty, known as the "divine wonderland, stone waterfall wonders" of reputation. It is invested and built by henan shentai holding group. It is 90 kilometers east of luoyang and 15 kilometers from luoing highway. The hotel has more than 100 guest rooms. The design style highlights the beauty of the first heart, the beauty of design and the beauty of the objects. In addition to the glitz and glamour of modern hotels, there is no royal extravagance, no aristocratic extravagance, followed by a return to the original ecological hotel mode.

We welcome your presence in the jinzhai scenic area and wish you a pleasant journey!

Contact number: 18903881375 [Manager White]

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Standard Room ¥588 -+
King Bed Room ¥688 -+
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