Emperor Ming of Tang asked the Shenlingzhai

Emperor Ming of Tang and the Imperial Concubine Yang in the sapphire hot spring fragrant soup bathing water, such as the world, and also want to find a quiet place to be alone, and the imperial concubine. The minister suggested "Your Majesty, have a quiet place near the east of Luoyang, called shenlingzhai, lush trees, picturesque scenery, is a mountain fam, can go to." Emperor listens, very happy, is to find a fairy, inquiries a long way, for the benefit of the people, the car and drive to, and driving them out.

In summer, in shenlingzhai, the temperature dropped, as has been the autumn weather, very cool, the air of negative oxygen ion content reached 10000 per cubic centimeter, the sacred heart yue. A line of Bamboo Garden Hotel, the hotel and the building in front of the mountain and water, gurgling streams, it is a rare clean place, Emperor suite, foot 2 meters wide bed, spacious bathtub, bath water that is spring, feel soft and delicate, smooth and pure dry, let love wash bath Royal also full of joy.

Wake up in the morning, opened the window, a breath of fresh air blowing, greeted by a large bamboo, Luoning county is known as "the North Town" reputation, is really a well deserved reputation, scenic spots everywhere bamboo, Qujingtongyou, Brooks, bring your princess wait birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers, the Ming Dynasty into the bamboo forest, bamboo Xiangsen smooth breathing don't be green, concubine dance in the forest, his watch, exclaimed: "this place really is a good place for private will shenxianjuanlv!"

Bamboo side, is the legendary gods stream, brook blanchir bottomed out, felt a handful of Ming Dynasty, the taste is sweet! The Ming Dynasty imperial concubine articles Shijiershang, across from the forest, the stream was singing around the cheerful, at the foot of leaping and flashing, unknown forest birds also cried in joy, butterflies in the flowers from the dance!

A road through the sisters waterfall, waterfall, the silver chain saw the Bamboo Lake, king crab lake, Riyuetan Pool, they left a waterfall in the edge of the shadows, he will see the majestic mountains called general peak!

Imperceptibly, they have entered the mountains, suddenly saw a fairy frolic in the river, Emperor exultation, fairy said, "you too expensive for the emperor, half of the gods, we are the princess, the envy of Yuhuan to find your husband, came to earth, we can wish for emperor matchmaker?"

The Ming Dynasty is to answer, suddenly the Jade Emperor and the queen mother, appeared in the sky, the princess quickly call back, see the emperor emperor, kneeling on the ground! The Jade Emperor asked Huang, why here? Huang said, is to find a fairy, find a long way, for the benefit of the people. See the sincerity heart, then inform, five female peak of immortality, take the dragon water brewing, often drink, not all, can live long. After a cloud of smoke, I saw the princesses turn into a mountain and stand erect. This is the five female peak.

Five women peak Fall River, nine days suspended, forming a "Chinese stone waterfall".

The Ming Dynasty saw the Jade Emperor, find the longevity of the party, get a wish, orders built a temple in the mountains, to the emperor and the queen mother every day!

The Ming Dynasty came to shenlingzhai, brought the chef, firing delicious dishes, has been the most famous, is the Luoning steamed meat, sour beef dumplings, jelly!

This is the story of Emperor Ming of Tang and the Imperial Concubine Yang and the walled village! Now as they pass the place, also left the Dragon Waterfall, jinzan River, Chuilian wall and a series of related and their magical legend!