The Museum of the Sacred Shenlingzhai

The Spirit Village Geological Museum is an important part of the national Geopark.The museum is divided into six exhibition halls: The comprehensive Hall, the Earth Hall, the Stone Waterfall Hall, the Ecology Hall, the Heluo Hall and the multi-function hall.The museum's display breaks the traditional picture pattern, uses the text, the chart, the fossil specimen, the scene, the Lamplight and so on many displays to show you the Earth's mystery and the evolution process, the deity village beautiful scenery and the peculiar granite landform landscape, lets you truly feel the nature the vigorous broad and the diversity.

The comprehensive hall is divided into 6 parts: A brief introduction of the museum, the list and distribution of the Chinese National (world) Geopark, the comparative table of the national Geopark of China's granite landforms, the satellite remote sensing stereoscopic image of the Spirit Zhai Geopark, the sand table model and the Spirit Zhai National Geopark.

China National Geopark now has 138, world-class geological Park 18.Item 55 is the national Geopark of the Spirit village.

This is all of China's granite landforms of the geological Park contrast, according to the type of peaks from, Stone Forest, peak mound, stone eggs, canyon water, Cliff Stone waterfall, such as 6 types.The Granite Cliff Stone waterfall landscape has only the spirit of the national Geopark.

The national Geopark of the deity is located in the depths of Xiongershan, 26-kilometer Luoning County south.Divided into Lotus Top, the spirit of the village, Kinmen River three scenic spots.The current development of the scenic spot for the spirit of the village Scenic Area., is a typical granite waterfall landscape.

The Earth Hall is divided into 5 parts: Mineral, rock, six tectonic plates, globe, Milky Way, etc.
Rock is divided into three categories: igneous rock, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rock, and three brothers.The three rocks are interconnected and can be transformed into each other under certain conditions.

  • Magmatic Rock: Formed in the depths of the mantle and the Earth's crust.
  • Sedimentary rocks: the surface rocks are eroded and deposited by lakes and other places, formed by the consolidation of temperature and pressure.Sedimentary rocks also contain limestone, while the world cultural heritage in Luoyang, the Longmen grottoes stone is also limestone.
  • Metamorphic rock: A change in the mineral and structural structure of existing rocks (sediments, magma) to form new minerals.

The exhibition of mineral specimens is mainly natural mineral elements, oxygen-containing minerals, such as: Crystal, pyrite, Black Mica, malachite and other minerals.

The six major tectonic plates of the Earth's crust.The Pacific Plate, the Eurasian Plate, the American Plate, the African plate, the Indian Ocean plate, the Antarctic continent plate.Of course these plates are motion, called plate motion.

Plate movement: The hard crust is not "monolithic", which is made up of blocks of large plates.There are six major plates in the world, these plates along with the movement of the soft flow layer in the corresponding horizontal movement, according to geologists estimated that the large plate can be moved 1-6 centimeters per year, although small, but after billions of years, the Earth's surface will undergo a great change, this is the plate movement.We all know Himalaya Mountain, which is formed by the collision of the Indian plate and the Eurasian Plate.

The stone Waterfall Hall divides into the stone waterfall landscape, the Chinese big Stone waterfall, the granite landform landscape distribution and so on.

In the Grand Canyon of the gods, a patchwork landscape of stone waterfalls is situated in or high or low.It is also the most charming landscape in the Spirit village.Mainly has the curtain waterfall, the radish waterfall and so on, can see nature's workmanship is breathtaking.
In the spirit of the village has such a sentence: The World Falls Festival for water, only the gods alone for Stone to describe the unique stone waterfall landscape.Boulder Waterfall 218 meters high, 578 meters wide, modelling peculiar, Majestic spectacular, called the Chinese One, the world only.
Granite landform landscape, mainly in Anhui Huangshan, Jiangxi Sanqingshan Granite Peak Forest, Inner Mongolia Keshketen granite Stone forest, henan suiping ya mountain granite pictographic Stone, Henan King Tai granite collapse landform, Beijing Zhoukou shop granite spherical weathering landform landscape.
Granite Minerals: Many non-ferrous metals and minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, precious metals such as gold, silver and other rare metals such as niobium, cymbals and other radioactive elements such as uranium, are related to granite.The granite structure is homogeneous, the texture is hard, the color is beautiful, is the high quality building stone, also is the advanced building material.In Henan Province, the typical minerals related to granite are gold, lead, silver, molybdenum ore and so on.

The early Earth is a world without life, after a long period of evolution, gradually produced a conducive to the emergence of life-material environment.700 million years ago, there were lower plants and lower animals in the ocean.Some of the marine plants were washed up on the rocks and survived there.The most primitive terrestrial plant found so far--the top SAC fern--survives about 450 million years ago.More and more plants grow on rugged ground, followed by animals.Fish gradually evolved into amphibians.With the large-scale migration of organisms, plants are carrying out photosynthesis, creeping animals, and dinosaurs are at that time rampant in the sea and land of the prosperity of the Overlord.65 million years ago, earth-shaking changes, swamp drought, mountain uplift, cold and dry air swept the earth, arrogant dinosaurs could not adapt to the environmental changes, extinction.Now we can only see his pictures and fossils in textbooks or museums.Immediately thereafter, the mammals inherited the kingdom.400,000 years ago, Beijing, near Zhoukoudian living in a group of Peking Ape-men, in the struggle for survival, gradually learned to create and use the simple tools according to their own intentions, and began to slowly dominate the world.

The Ecology Hall, also known as the Life Hall, exhibits animal and plant resources and fossil specimens.
The main rock distribution in the Deity village is mainly granite, which is advantageous to the formation of microclimate in mountainous areas and lush plants, which also plays a role of conserving water and forming characteristic landscape and ecological environment.

The Spirit Village is the national Geopark, also is the National Forest Park, the animal and plant variety.There are more than 2000 kinds of plants in the region, of which there are 7 kinds of national and provincial protection, and more than 300 kinds of animals, which belong to 33 kinds of national key protection, and abundant animal and plant resources guarantee the quality of biodiversity and ecological environment in the park, and also have very high ornamental value.
Bamboo is born in the south, the north is very rare, and the Yellow River valley luoning But there are tens of thousands of acres of bamboo.Luoning since ancient times has "the Township of Green bamboo" reputation.In the absence of printing, the ancients to addressing bamboo slips, remember.Bamboo is the origin and carrier of bamboo culture, and bamboo culture is the extension and extension of bamboo connotation.In the spirit of the village can really realize the old saying "rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo" of the mood.

Fossils are commonly said to be the remains of ancient creatures or relics buried in the ground into stone-like material.Experts are based on fossils to study the evolution of biology and the age of survival.There are dinosaur eggs, wood, coral, small head shells and other fossil specimens.

The book of the river is the highest achievement of the spiritual thinking of the ancients in ancient times, and it is the symbolic culture with the classical meaning in the river-Luo culture and the common source of Chinese culture.
The river map was first discovered by Fuxi.Because of the dragon and the Yellow River, also known as the "Dragon map."Luoyang Mengjin County ' Town Dragon Horse negative figure temple for "river out map" place.
Losh was first discovered by Dayu, because God turtle bear out of Luo Shui, so called "turtle book", Luoning Long Water for "Luo book place."

Heluo culture can be traced back to the ancient times of Peiligang culture, Yangshao culture, through the Xia and Shang Zhou three generations of cultural, Han Wei culture, Sui and Tang culture stage, representing the Chinese traditional culture of the development of the context.As the Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu you said, "Yong Huai River Luo, > ancestral industry."
The name of the Spirit village, take the "Shiji Fengshan book" In The Secret of "the rest of the gods, Fu-woo trillion xiang."The deity of the top of the gods mountain began as a view, after being bang Fengshan called the Temple, set the aura of heaven and earth, become a Taoist pilgrimage shrine.
The following figure shows the evolution of human beings from ape-man to the present, and also symbolizes the progress of mankind.

Pre-Qin Legends of the Cangjie, the original surname Hou Gang, the name of Jie, at the age of 110, for the Yellow Emperor left historian, the creators of Chinese hieroglyphics, China's official system and surname one of the founders.Legend of his night view of the sky, looking everything, pioneered the "Bird Trace book", called the human ancestor.He was in the year 26th century, according to speculation, 4,000 or 5,000 years ago, the Chinese language is more mature.