Brief Introduction

Shen Lingzhai named, from the "Historical Records. Feng Zen book" in the secret of the "god of the break, blessing Zhaoxiang." Gods on the top of the gods Yue Temple began to view, after the Han emperor Liu Bang Feng Zen after the temple called the temple. Shen Ling Zhaizhen in a gods. Set of heaven and earth aura, enlightened people's mind, the temple still exist, incense constantly, has always been the worship of worship of the Holy Land.

Luoning ancient name, far in Yu, soup, summer, business period there are records and legends. Luoning has called Yongning, Republic of China two years to Luoning County. "Book of Songs" is known as "the highest achievement of Chinese ancestors' mind thinking". "River map" out of Mengjin, "Luo book" out of Luoning.

Luoning is located in the middle and lower reaches of Luo River, Luo water running through the East and West, the map like Ling turtle eagle dawn, is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Xiong Er, Shan Shanju north and south, leisurely Luo water not only nourish the people on both sides, Mountain scenery, magnificent and spectacular. The territory of the valley heavy mountain range peaks, Cui Feng Zhongxiu, gully aspect, 100 stream competition. At the same time, the regional culture is heavy, ancient history brilliant, so Luoning this fertile soil is full of magical and longing. Luo book, Dayu flood control, Cangjie made the word, the source of Luo God, Ling Lun tube and other monuments and legends for the history of Luoning wrote a heavy sum, but also for the history of Luoning added a glorious page.

Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area is located in the southeast of the county 17 kilometers south of Xiong'er Mountain at the north of the official temple forest territory, east of ancient ancient Luoyang 90 km for the national AAAA level tourist attractions, national forest park and national geological park, the total area of ​​5300 area More than 2,200 kinds of plants, more than 300 kinds of animals, more than 160 attractions, is a typical granite stone waterfall landscape, natural landscape, natural ecological landscape, Heluo culture, supplemented by a comprehensive geological park.

God is a masterpiece of nature. Mountains in the water, the water in the forest flow, landscape matched, forest blind date, beautiful scenery, fresh environment, set the color of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States The harmony between the United States and the United States in the United States, the original beauty of harmony and unity, is the highest level of human landscape aesthetic law. Exposure in this side of heaven and earth, people's internal organs are not purified, the dust of the grudge in the moment off the smoke, since then, no trouble around, since then, the hearts of no fetters. Seems to have a fairy look of the cozy, insight into the true meaning of life; like a sobering suddenly realized, enlightened life righteousness.

Gods of the spring, flowers of the ocean, different kind of romantic; god of the summer, green world, quiet and quiet; Qiao Feng rocks, ancient temples; both the Taoist holy land, but also the ancient battlefield, not only the beautiful landscape of the United States, but also a profound historical and cultural heritage. Since the Tang Dynasty, many writers have traveled to this, the poet Wang Jian, Bai Juyi, Yuan Hao asked, calligrapher Wang Duo have left a lot of poetry, "the village of wild trees like snow, pedestrians do not drunk Who opened "," Yuntao over the sea, pouring golden hibiscus, to Xiaoqianyan bamboo, Tianming million gully "and so on are true portrayal of the gods Walled scenery. Here is not only the Taoist holy land, but also the battleground of the ancient military strategists, that altar, that God is the top temple, that flagpole ridge, rattling slope, thousands of kiln kiln all tell the vicissitudes of life, compose the historical changes, showing a deep Historical and cultural background. Wen to King name, King Wenxiu, God Lingzhai like a solidification of the movement, in the days of rusty between the beautiful story.

Shen Lingzhai not only natural scenery and cultural atmosphere, but also contains a wealth of geological relics resources, in hundreds of millions of years under a variety of geological effects, the formation of the northern region unique granite peak cluster landforms, rare stone waterfall and alpine wetlands, Different shapes of elephant stone and other landscape, constitute a natural geological museum. Scenic spots are mainly concentrated in the granite for the river bed more than ten kilometers of the gods of the Grand Canyon, due to the special river bed and more than 2600 meters thick granite base, formed China's largest stone waterfall group, known as China's stone waterfall town The Scenic area stone waterfall type system integrity, according to its morphological characteristics of the main sub-waterfall, radish waterfall, hanging waterfall, stacked waterfall four types. The stone waterfall is unique, such as Jianghai pouring, Galaxy rewind, magnificent, magnificent, a "water falls all water, only the gods alone stone" is the best portrayal of scenic stone waterfall, especially the Chinese A large stone waterfall unique charm, called the stone waterfall in the treasures. Stone waterfall large scale, very spectacular, the stone waterfall 218 meters high, the width of 578 meters wide, the entire area of ​​100000 square meters, and set curtain waterfall, radish waterfall, hanging waterfall, stacked waterfall in one, by more than 2460 meters thick granite The mountains by the long rain washed and formed, peculiar shape, soul changing, magnificent, known as the Chinese must, the world only.

If the landscape is the soul of God Lingzhai, then the bamboo is the gods of the gods. Tens of thousands of acres of bamboo perennial lush, green to drop, blooming in the river side of the road, forming a thousand meters long bamboo corridor. God Lingzhai with the mountains and rivers of bamboo, there will be the charm of Jiangnan, and thus have "both gods Walled, why should Jiangnan" one said.

Since its development and construction, Shenlingzhai scenic area has been appraised as the national forest park, national geological park, Chinese artist association sketch base, Chinese forestry research base, Henan province photographer association creation base, Luoyang Photographers Association creation base, Luoyang Women's painting and calligraphy painting base, such as the honorary title, is one of the top ten eco-tourism base in Henan Province.

September 2007 Shenlingzhai Scenic Area successfully promoted the national 4A level scenic spot. In order to create a better tourist environment for tourists, the scenic area is currently actively raising funds, in strict accordance with the national 5A level scenic standard requirements, plans to invest 300 million yuan, high starting point planning, high standard construction Shenlingzhai ecological parking lot, Field, Jiuzhaigou mountain golf driving range, Xigou characteristics of food and beverage center, God Lingzhai International Conference Center, the gods Villa theme resort hotel, the gods meditation hotel, Shenling Village North American village-style hotel, Jiuzhaigou wedding photography base, gods town commercial street, Gods theater and other infrastructure and tourism projects. Planned by the end of 2017 and early 2018, the reconstruction of the temple and set up ropeway. To create a comprehensive tourism resort area of ​​the Central Plains region.

All project plans to be completed by the end of 2017. After the completion of the project, Shenlingzhai Scenic Area will be based on landscape, stone waterfall sightseeing, with 360-degree three-dimensional experience tourism, ecological tourism, depth experience, sports and leisure, business meetings, vacation health, science education and other functions in one Of the ecological type, experience type, mountain-type AAAAA-level scenic spots, as the Central Plains region and even the country's unique experience of leisure and tourism destination.