Shenlingzhai Geopark


The Spirit Zhai Geopark is located in the north of Luoning County, 90 kilometers southwest of Luoyang, Henan province Xiongershan.

In the Mesozoic period 190 million years ago, due to the crustal fracture movement of the Earth, the Xiongershan was constantly rising, the Cenozoic Himalaya movement and the Quaternary Neotectonic movement further promoted the landform differentiation, forming the unique stone landscape of the deity village and the granite Body Group after more than 2,600 meters.Divided into Lotus Top, the spirit of the village, Kinmen River three scenic spots.The current development of the scenic spot for the spirit of the village Scenic Area, is a typical granite waterfall landscape.

The name of the gods ' village was taken from the historian. Fengshan said, the secret of the "God of the Hugh Blessing of the Zhao Xiang", and was named the spirit of the village.Has won the National aaaa level scenic spot, in 2003 was named National Forest Park title, 2005 was identified as National Geopark.

The Deity Village is a comprehensive scenic spot with peculiar geological wonders, supplemented by natural ecology and historical culture.Both the vigorous north and the south of the delicate, can be regarded as a good place for leisure vacation.

The gods are amazed by the mountain, and the stone is amazing.Has "the world waterfall All is the water, only has the God to be the stone" the laudatory name.Now let's start to feel the natural craftsmanship.

The riverbed of the scenic area is more than 2,600 meters thick granite, the hard rock structure has formed the ups and downs of different size and height.In geology is called "The Rock Sill, drop", the small scale forms the drop, the scale is the waterfall.This waterfall because the riverbed wide, two waterfalls tightly linked, as if a twin sister, so named "Sister Waterfall", under it is called Sister Tam.

Above the waterfall, there are several boulders on the hill, some like a big crab.Two big eyes sparkle, but the body is crushed under the mountain, can only watch the water gurgling, hope waterfalls sigh.This kind of landform is called "Strange Stone" in geology, and the three groups of primary joints developed in granite destroy the integrality of granite body.Combined with the influence of tectonic joints, granite bodies are split into rock blocks of unequal size.Under the influence of its own gravity and the erosion of rain, the lower rock block slips down at the bottom of the river and is washed away by running water, and the upper rock blocks are gradually disappearing under the action of long spherical weathering, forming a giant crab king, prone to a hillside, and a glimpse of the wonderful landscape of the water beneath.

The magical thing about the Spirit village is that the whole mountain is like an elephant.Elephants, in the north, are already invisible.Even in China, only the southwest and Yunnan regions still exist.But according to archaeological excavations, in the Luohe area has found the largest pictographic fossils so far, is treasured in the museum, Luoyang Museum is the town Hall treasure.The appearance of it shows that we are here once a tropical subtropical climate, there are elephants living here, denying the central plains of the mainland there is no elephant rhetoric.With the Earth crustal movement and climate change and people wanton destruction of ecological environment, so that the elephant began to withdraw from the central plains to find a new living environment, gradually moved south, until the central Plains no elephants.Through these, we have to protect our homeland, cherish our ecological environment, and we and animals a blue sky, otherwise, our descendants may only be in textbooks to see these endangered rare animals.

Yuro Wall, also known as the Radish waterfall, because the granite body exposed to the surface, long-term weathering and water erosion, the formation of flat and smooth walls, rain and snow on the surface of the cliff flow, often in the low or vertical joints in the center, so that the surface of the cliff formation of many small grooves, far like the waterfall falling straight down, It is these small grooves of the cutting, forming the current form, you want to hang on the cliff, the size of the radish, this is the nature of the axe, wonderful masterpiece.

The cliff has a clear white pattern, looks like two cranes, a head south foot north, a head north foot south, two feelings Yiyi, embracing, so the name of the crane play cloud.From the point of view of natural change, the lime in the mountain is dissolved in water, and the long-term slow infiltration and air contact, water evaporation, lime oxidation, formation of calcium carbonate, layer solidification, adhesion in the rock, then form this pattern.

One of the five female peak attractions, under the influence of long weathering and water erosion, rock along the vertical joint surface collapse, forming the base connected to the peaks, become Granite peak cluster, five female peaks and peaks in the five peaks in different levels, patchwork, shape, and as five fairy descend, so the name of five female peak!

Golden Hairpin River Scenic Area, is a kind of water, this is the groove, the riverbed after hundreds of years or even thousands of years of rapid flow along the granite body of primary joint impact, Amoy erosion.The conditions which affect its development and formation are as follows: Flowing water, rock, structure, topography, climate and many other factors.

In front of the wonders of the Stone, which is in the geology of the stone, is the granite rock mass development of the three kinds of primary joints destroyed the integrity of the granite body, coupled with the structural joints of the influence, the granite body was cut to form such a state.

There is a Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms has become the historical character of the strategist and the symbol of wisdom, Zhuge Liang always wears a hat, we call it the chief strategist hat, this kind of spectacle formation, in its own weight and rain erosion and snow erosion, debris by rain erosion, loose joints depression, hard department prominent, The formation of various forms and different kinds of strange stone beauty!

The world falls all water, only the gods are stone.The development of three groups of primary joints in granite, due to long-term weathering and water waterfalls, the surface of the cliff formed a lot of small gully, far from looking like a water waterfall.Here, the three stone waterfalls are stacked with each other, constituting the largest stone waterfall in the park----Zhonghua Boulder waterfall, the total width of the waterfall surface of stone waterfall is 578 meters, 218 meters high, the overall shape of the curtain waterfall, local shape like radish, the upper part of the small stone waterfall hanging in the empty, three of stone waterfalls stacked with each other, set the curtain waterfall, radish waterfall, suspended waterfall, folding waterfall in one, large scale, Beautiful spectacular, is called the treasures in the stone waterfall.

The beauty of the Spirit village is not to be expressed entirely in words, it is necessary for you to feel slowly and savor it.