• Zizhuyuan No.2 Hotel

  • Service:Rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, chess room
  • Position:Scenic area parking lot 300 meters south
  • Booking Tel:037966139881

Zizhuyuan No. 2 Hotel is located in the scenic parking lot 300 meters south, with rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, chess room. Can undertake friends party, family dinner, expand training, government meetings and other services. Here Yishanbangshui, water, electricity, roads, communication and convenient location, the hotel is located in accordance with the Castle Peak, mountain rocks everywhere, exotic flowers everywhere, fruit rattan mountain, facing the small stream of water gurgling, both beautiful Magnificent stone waterfall landscape, there are well-known music of the Luoning light bamboo, blue waves rippling, winding streets, can be described as far from the stone waterfall near the bamboo, sitting in the river poems full of belly, is the location and the best environment Service sites, but also the largest scenic area of a hotel.
Front desk phone: 0379-66139881

Room Type Price Quantity
Standard Room ¥168 -+
Deluxe Standard Room ¥258 -+
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