Thanksgiving teachers ' Day, the spirit of the village invited the national teachers to travel!

When I was in kindergarten.

You're like a second "parent."

To give us every care

When I was in primary school

You are the beautiful scenery on the podium

Teach us a simple sermon

When I was in junior high

You are our adolescent secret friend.

When I was in high school

You spur us to learn

Just hope we get a good college, a good future


It's your company that's everywhere

A lamp

Let our hearts not be alone

You taught me to read a book of scrolls.

I'll walk you all the way

September 10

Teachers '

I wish all the respectable and lovely teachers

Happy holidays!

Stand three feet podium, swim got great rivers

been busy for a whole year

It's time to give yourself a vacation.

Trekking, mountaineering, outing, autumn

To the spirit of the village

Make you a decompression trip!

Trekking natural oxygen Bar, admire the spirit Autumn

Play colorful and smooth, enjoy the prairie style

Whether you want to challenge screaming and excitement, or want to feel comfortable and relaxed, there's always something to keep you entertained!Dear teachers, come to the spirit of the village to rest and take a vacation!