In late summer and early autumn, the 4 most amazing moments you can't miss!

The earth has not Ogyu sorai the summer

The clothes in the mountains today

The sound of dew cicada gradually swallows

The early autumn scenery is tiny

Autumn is coming.

The restless cicadas are missing.

August draws to a close

The September is about to come


The early autumn of the Spirit village quietly

Temperature, sunshine, mood

Everything's just fine.

Come on, come here and have a dream.

The 4 beautiful moments that make the gods wonderland

Bring you the most touching experience ...


Take a look at the wonders of the Stone waterfall

The spirit of the village large and small, strange-shaped stone waterfall, not only will let you marvel, will also sigh in the nature of the Day axe magic!

such as curtains, such as radish, such as the general, such as immortal, mountain peaks clump each other overlap, as if can hear the rain washed the sound of the stone walls, that a road time across the traces, tell the story you have not heard.


Sing a Prairie Idyll

Have not been to Inner Mongolia, here is enough to let you understand the pure grassland amorous feelings: blue sky, white skies, grass so tall, colorful windmill, and so a person accompany you through the lakes, see Sunrise Sunset.

Yurt in the gathering, taste authentic roast lamb, friends accompany, vodka flowed, as well as fire clouds, and dazzling starry sky, such experience will never forget ...


A probe into the secret landscape of bamboo and sea

Smoke Willow painting Bridge, the wind singing, stepping over the small bridge into the secluded bamboo corridor, stepping over the soft soil, in the green to forget the earthly troubles.


Remember to use the lens to record the beautiful moment, in this green bamboo forest to listen to the wind, listen to the rain, enjoy undisturbed silence.


To be a carefree cyclamen

The mountain of the Spirit village, straight and steep, the spirit of the village of water, clean show soft, landscape phase Jojuen, of course, to enjoy a good.

Streams of waterfalls, every step, surrounded by beautiful scenery, every step, there are unexpected surprises, paintings in the scene, the scene has a painting, so that people can not be divided into the painting or into a fairyland.

Here, the wind blows softly

The sun is gentle too

Till autumn comes true

There will be more colorful and beautiful scenery.

While the sun is shining, the breeze is not dry

To the spirit of the village feel another beautiful!