Luoyang Cloud: How can I be so good-looking!

The latest vibrato on another magical hit song was born!

Why do I look so good?

The single circle of the world.

Top-level configuration

Say the song is on the line

With the magic and the heart of the melody swept the network

Home various brush screen

Come on, let's get this leg BGM.


Why am I so good-looking, big Zhang Wei?

Oh, my God, what the hell?

Why do I look so good?

Whoa Whoa wow

What if it looks so good

After listening, there is not only one sentence in the mind:

"How I look so good!"”

To say that this is the best dance of the good C-bit

Of course, I am the big Luoyang!

Because the day of the recent Luoyang

It's a surprise for us.

Every day, a head up

It's like admiring a famous painting.

With the filter, how to shoot is not enough!

I let heaven and earth Huanran a splendid

I let the years suddenly panic

I let the air get drunk and then melted

The whole Earth welled up around me.

In fact
The Clouds of the Holy Spirit are in love as well.
This season of the spirit of the village
The sun is gentle and quiet, the breeze is gentle
Just like I met you.

The clouds are hidden behind the mountains.

To hide in the facial features of joy.

Because the weather is just fine

Every day is beautiful.

Your eyes are so beautiful.

There are spring and autumn mountains and rivers and universes.

and star Dust.

The appearance of a cloudy and uncertain

And so cute.

How can you look so good!

Don't always look down on the road

Occasionally look up at the sky.

Rain or shine,

May you always have a heart to rejoice in all things.