White Dew | Autumn is here, but there is a spring flower in the sea!

"Over the white dew, long trousers"

White Dew is the biggest day of the year morning and night temperature difference

Did the little friends feel

You don't have to turn on the air conditioner for two nights.

I was chilly when I was commuting.

See, September Xinjiang's "specialty" has been shipped

The trees are full of thick white frost.

No surprise, no surprises.


But at this time the spirit of the village

But still in the spring!

It's been very gentle here lately.

The Plank Road on the mountain, the grass under the mountain

All the way to bloom, stretching thousands of miles, waiting for your arrival!

thousand thousand mangrove, fragrant overflowing

Autumn-English flower Sea, bee-flying Butterfly Dance

Hangzi shoots

Wild Chrysanthemum

Defeat Sauce


And a exotic flowers called a name.

and Blue Dragonfly

Boundless Sea of flowers

To give you no resistance to the critical blow

Smell the flowers, admire the landscape

And a natural, good air.

On weekends, if you're going to step on autumn

Such a good time can not disappoint yo!