Outward Bound outward-bound

Development training in urban population quietly rising, become the enterprise team molding indispensable experience way. It is a new experiential learning method and training method, suitable for modern people and modern organizations. Usually the use of mountains and rivers and other natural environment, carefully designed activities, participants can make adequate training in life skills, improve physical function and the physical quality, importance and allows participants to deeply appreciate the team, to achieve "the mind, edify sentiment, perfect personality, to join in the team.

Shenlingzhai training base is located in the national 4A level scenic spots - shenlingzhai scenic area, Yishanbangshui, open space. Supporting tourism facilities, training venues built in various scientific training facilities, high class climbing, giant ladder, bridge, high-altitude air grab bars, Burma bridge and other projects, can exercise the courage, let participants overcome acrophobia and shyness, training quality and enhance the decisive action to overcome the difficulties of confidence; trust fell back, graduation wall project, build team spirit and sense of responsibility, enhance understanding and team strength of the team's dedication to personal motivation. Spiritual village development training base will let you revel in the beauty of the mountains and mountains, and release the pent up mind at work.

The sports fitness, mental training and outdoor sports combined, built to leisure tourism oriented training base, improve the urban quality of life, encourage more people to get out of the city in his spare time, go into the nature of pleasure and enjoyment of life is the purpose of Shandong Nanshan Development Training base. Shandong Nanshan Development Training Base was established, providing a stimulate individual potential as Shandong province and across the country enterprises, organs, schools and other units, improve team collaboration, enhance the overall strength of the team places.

Challenging the training of the limit, can make us have a new understanding of our will power, and help us to transcend the limit of ourselves, so as to cultivate good will power, recognize setbacks and overcome setbacks. Simple cooperation can be seen everywhere in the work, but the team encountered difficulties, how to make the members aware of the real meaning of mutual cooperation, how to help them recognize the importance of empathy, how to enable the team to strive for further improvement? The answer can be found here.