Sister waterfall

Legend of a long time ago, the gods of the top of the temple in the emperor's daughter and two daughters, they see the mortal people perennial because of drought and no rain and grain failure, the hearts of hardships, they will help.

Sister two hard work, ready to return to the Temple, the two have found that he is already full of dirt, and happened to see here a stream, ready to rest here cleansing. They are just ready to clean the rest, just to disturb the land here God, the land quickly gather into a pool, for the two princess to rest after the return to heaven.

So, the river flows through here, the formation of the upper and lower scattered, layers of the spectacular scene, look at both sides of the river bed wide and clean stone walls, two waterfalls connected like sister sister Yan, Shuangmei with Fang, so sister waterfall by This came, and the following two Tan called sister Tan.