Silver chain waterfall

River water flow straight down, silver shining, like thousands of pearls flying, splashing a little spray, issued a bursts of roar, like silver chain jitter in general, silver chain waterfall also named.

There are many reasons for the formation of waterfalls, mainly due to the composition of the river bed at the bottom of the rock hard and soft degree of inconsistency, the impact of erosion by the river was powerful, forming a steep, hard rock is relatively hanging up, the river flow here, then fly down , Formed a waterfall. It can also be said that the river in the river in the river, encountered river scarp, they fell down to form a waterfall. Stop the waterfall, listening to water stirring music, opened his eyes and see the fun of water dance, feel fluttering sprinkling, have numerous fog, a wash the dust of the fatigue, calm heart.