Luoning bamboo has a long history, the product involves all aspects of people's lives, from the production tools, living utensils, culture and sports, architectural gardens and other aspects, omnipresent, nothing. Engaged in bamboo craftsmen, have their own strengths. A village, due to the technical staff of the lead, the natural formation of a group of bamboo production process groups, the production of the product has become the representative of the village. Such as: dock West hat Ji Zhuang circle, dock south sieve cottage curtains, Zhaizigouzi in the original bed, the original baskets of the basket basket and so on. Luoning bamboo craft has been declared as a national intangible cultural heritage. In 1984, the world's non-agricultural organizations, to support the development of bamboo knitting process, the selection of well-known Japanese masters Bamu Ze to Luoning training bamboo skills. This group of personnel, through practice to explore, have become bamboo master craftsmen, their works, in short supply.