Luoning light bamboo

Luoning County prolific bamboo, strains of good quality, it is "green bamboo town" reputation. Luoning light bamboo, has a long history, known throughout the country.

According to the Republic of China six years, "Luoning County" records, the Northern Wei Dynasty, "mountains and rivers show, bamboo lush" legend. Tang poet Bai Juyi, Song Dynasty scholar Shao Kang Festival, due to Yongning mountains and rivers of bamboo elegant beauty, often tour here. Ming Dynasty County, said: "Yongning Hill hold water around to Yizhu. Wushi Xi, most of the bamboo garden." Luoning people have a wealth of bamboo experience, light bamboo per unit area output ranks first in the country, the highest yield reached six thousand kilos.

Luoning light bamboo warm warm, humid climate and sandy soil, in the river on both sides, mountain valleys, leeward sunny growth at the best. The highest number of plants up to 18 meters, chest circumference twenty-seven centimeters, the longest section of fifty-five centimeters, dry weight fifty pounds. The county bamboo more than six thousand acres, the volume of six thousand six million pounds. Xinghua Chuk Yuen, acres of contiguous; Guo Zhuang bamboo, soft can pull silk; gold door of the bamboo, do the law.

Luoning light bamboo, with a high pole, length, thin wall, thin, fine, hard, flexible, pressure, wear, good elasticity, strong pull, insects do not bite, the mouse does not bite, etc., Woven bamboo. Bamboo leaves Ru Ru can be used as medicine, bamboo shoots are dishes, bamboo shoots package brown child, its taste fragrance, cold three friends, bamboo home among the evergreen foliage, decorative courtyard, elegant and quiet. Luoning people use the natural advantages of light bamboo, after a long period of production practice, creating a wide variety of popular bamboo.