Double 11 chop hand season, come and get your ski ticket for free!

After winter, snowy winter will come, for snow powder, no more exciting than snow skiing!The colder it is to go to the snow and rave!

Skiing keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, approaching the tranquil snow-capped mountains, carving a poem and a distant arc on the snow!

Ski one-hour consumption of more than 700 calories card, weight loss effect lever drop!There's no such thing as long meat in winter!

People who love skiing are eager to challenge the limit, complete the impossible action, from glide to slip, from flat flowers to flying bags, the skills of 666!

When you touch skiing, you'll find that falling is a common thing, too small and dangerous.Not even exist!You can still skate like this.

Good luck with the snow powder that likes to take risks.

I'll tell you the good news.

Spirit Village 2017-2018 Snow season

Wonderful departure

Double 11 Day 0 O'Clock

The first wave of tickets for the Spirit Village Ski resort opened fully

13 Whole days!!

Book your ice and snow to open an adventure!

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Take part in the game and win the ski resort tickets.

Spirit Village Ski Resort
Snow area 50000 square meters, service Hall 2500 square meters, construction of the first, intermediate snow Road each 1, Leather Circle Road 2, leisure area 5000 square meters.The introduction of Germany's advanced snow pressure snow equipment and new magic blanket, snow board, Snow rubber and other ancillary services facilities.

We have also added children's ski rides, snow diggers, snow skis, snow-turning, snow-small trains and other children's skiing facilities.

Make sure that every ski traveler can enjoy snow, snow, snow and skiing in the right snow field.

☆ Transportation Route

☆ All over the city through the highway to the spirit of the village Scenic Area:

Luoyang Direction: Shan station Zheng Lu---Yongning Avenue-Concentric Road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village Scenic Area

Xi ' An direction: West Tong High Speed--Lian Huo high speed--three high speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road----Valley God Road--Spirit Village Scenic Area

Zhengzhou direction: Zheng Shaolo High speed (Huo high-speed)--Zhenglu high Speed--Spirit village (3h, 230km)

Luanchuan direction: Luo Luan High Speed--Ninglo high Speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Jian-shen Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Yuncheng direction: Transport three high speed--Lian Huo High speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Sanmenxia direction: Lingbao East Station High Speed--three high speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning road--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Sanmenxia direction (low-speed): Sanmenxia Station East Road (310 National Road)--the intersection of 249 Provincial Road--palace front Township--small Sector township--Gully Township--Spirit Village Scenic Area

☆ Rescue, Consultation Tel: 0379-66139888

☆ Official Website:

☆ Sweep code pay attention to "Supernatural Village scenic Area", get more information