51 is over, but the carnival has to be upgraded!That's what summer is all about!

Today summer

It's the intersection of late spring and early summer.

Flowers Xie Fruit dew, the shade grows stronger

The weather is hot and dry.

This time

You need to find a place to cool

Find a moment of emotional release!

Little guy's got a nice place to be hiding.

Over here

You can climb mountains and enjoy the scenery.

Enjoy the natural oxygen bar

can also shout, indulge

Release the true nature of me

Today, wave of spring, farewell to regret

Let's meet the summer together!


It's a big long leg full of streets.

An endless ice watermelon.

The graduation season of publicity

can also be a duty-bound cool runaway!

Enjoy the cool Sahuan

No reservation required, immediate departure

No water not Huan you, continue to hi?!

The unbridled summer

How can we have less speed and passion?

Colorful dry and slippery

Miss the thrill of winter skiing

Well, let's try the colorful, dry and slippery.

The spirit of the colorful arid landslide road will be cool debut

To give your summer a little bit of material!

Shouting, drinking, throwing bowls, crazy ...

That's right!Over here

You can do anything "out of line", "Tough enough."

Just to break the boredom of life

Drink and throw a bowl, fall out of poetic wine life of unrestrained heroism!


If you're worried about not finding a place,

Can hold you in your mood

Let the Scream fountain help you unpack.

Shout out the trouble, shout out the courage, find their own strength!

The spirit of the village wrestling wine, colorful dry-slippery, Alpine prairie Yurts will be officially launched

Please look forward to

This summer

Let the youth not leave the regret

Let the mood fly

Life should be so happy

Cicada in the summer, it is time to indulge a!

Luoyang Luoning County jian Kou xiang God Zhai Scenic Area