Listen to demand, pai hidden dangers, the Regiment party committee and other leaders to the Spirit village, to give the Luo newspaper small reporter summer Camp protection support!

On the morning of July 4, 2018, Luo newspaper group Small reporter military culture research summer camp opening, the Regiment party committee Zhou Zhiming Deputy Secretary, Luoning County Regiment party secretary Huangjingjing, tourism Bureau deputy director of Mountain Winter Ping, Guan Wei Committee director Shanyan, and so on, rain came to small reporter Camp Camp-luoning God village visit.

Group Municipal Party committee Zhou Zhiming Deputy Secretary, such as a line of people walking two hours in the rain, carefully inspected the Spirit Zhai Yi Yun Hall restaurant after the kitchen, accommodation rooms, training venues and other small campers activities of each area.Listen to demand, row hidden dangers, give the Luo newspaper all the support of the summer camp all protection!

They also sent a car to the campers of the local melon, lunch when the children to eat, laughter, new environment, a new life, so that small campers are very excited!

Luoyang Juvenile Military Academy and "challenge it, young man!""2018 Small reporter military culture Research and study summer camp, is by the Communist Youth league Luoyang Municipal Committee, Luoyang Shao and so on jointly sponsored."Full-closed militarization management, rich and diverse activities, a full range of security, for campers to provide a more secure, more professional training environment, so that children leave the most memorable growth memories, Harvest unlimited joy.