China Stone waterfall group tourism introduction

Within 10 Km of the Shenling Canyon, the rock is strewn with stones or waterfalls, either high or low, or lying or standing, or a waterfall rushing, or a cluster of waterfalls. The stone waterfall group is the most attractive geological landscape shenlingzhai Park, Park Stone waterfall scale, stone waterfall face 218 meters high, 578 meters wide level, by more than 2460 meters thick granite mountain formed by the long rainfall and other strange scenery, hall, changeable, majestic, mainly curtain waterfall, waterfall radish waterfalls, waterfalls, four types, like pouring, the Milky Way Jianghai rewind, nature is called one of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits as the acme of perfection.
Stone waterfall group is the main geological landscape park, both sides concentrated in Huashan peak, the largest stone waterfall area of 100000 square meters, the smallest in 1000 square meters above.