Travel Guide 2

Scenic features
The Shenlingzhai is located 90 kilometers southwest of Luoning County, Luoyang County, on the north slope of Xiong Ping Shan, three official Temple farm, 17 kilometers southeast of the county seat. The total area of the scenic area is 53 square kilometers, and there are more than 3000 kinds of plants and more than 300 kinds of animals. Since 2002, scenic spots have been rated as "national Forest Park", "National Geological Park", "Chinese Artists Association sketch base", "China Forestry Research Base" and so on. Hai Hiro ancient rattan trees; here, a clean, waterfall connected; Qifeng Guaishi temple mountain; is a Taoist shrine, is the ancient battlefield, not only the landscape peculiar artistic beauty, and has profound historical and cultural heritage.