Chinese stone waterfall 2

Stone waterfall large scale, very spectacular, the stone waterfall 218 meters high, the width of 578 meters wide, the entire area of 100000 square meters, the Chinese stone waterfall is composed of three stone waterfall stacked each other, set curtain waterfall, radish waterfall , Hanging waterfall, stacked waterfall in one, constitute the park's largest stone waterfall. From afar, the Chinese stone waterfall overall shape like curtain waterfall, the magnificent scale of the beautiful and spectacular, called stone treasures in the treasures, but also a Chinese must.

Due to the special river bed and more than 2600 meters thick granite base, after years of rain erosion to form the largest stone waterfall in front of us, this stone waterfall unique, such as Jianghai pouring Galaxy rewinding the general magnificent, spectacular. A "world waterfalls are all water, only the gods alone stone" is the best portrayal of stone waterfall.