Longfeng waterfall

That is on the wall of the Yang is a blossoming pattern, ring ring sets, beautifully crafted, like Fengwei open screen in general. And the other side of the waterfall giant stream, then like the dragon to explore the sea, so the two waterfalls just a soft, has been a ramp, side by side. Longfeng waterfall is also because of this scene and named. As a long history, contains rich cultural phenomenon, dragon and phoenix are the symbol of the Chinese nation. If the traditional Chinese cultural symbols according to the size of its functional effect of a row of seats, then the dragon is undoubtedly to sit in the top spot, then the second should be phoenix. You see, in front of the dragon and phoenix in close cooperation here, as if the meaning of Jade Emperor and Queen Mother, they share the guidance of people from the customary dust, but also people's patron saint, it is people worship, prayer object.