A man!Photographer Zhai encounter this rare animal, gods!

Known insect in the world "neither fish nor fowl" Hummingbird Hawk Moth found in God today village, this beautiful photo above is a photographer who captured when the gods village folk songs.

According to the photographer himself introduced, when he passed by this huge flowers, many bees, moths and butterflies are found in the flowers of honey, possibly a hummingbird's success attracted the attention of his insect, curiosity, and insects to fly faster, photographers took more than two hours to take clear photos!

You can see from the photo, its size and really like hummingbirds, wings dark brown forewings with black stripe, orange-yellow hind wings, abdomen stout, but the head has a pair of long tentacles.

Small series was conquered by the face value of the insects immediately studied.

Small files
Original this magic of insects called Hummingbird Eagle moth, was called insects world in of "David", first like butterfly, long long of beak tube, tip inflated of tentacles; and like bee, can issued clear can smell of buzz sound; also like South America of hummingbird, night v day out, rarely rest, in take food Shi, and Hummingbird as, sometimes in spent between urgent Chi, Sometimes hovered in front of the flowers.

It is learnt that the Hummingbird Hawk moths are mainly located in the southern region of the United States, in North China, South China, East China and occasionally appear, but it is rare, is said to be a rare species.

May be the gods ' village green environment, lush plants and colorful flowers for the Hummingbird Hawk moths have provided favorable conditions for survival, they will dance here, and those photographers captured such a precious picture.

All in all as long as you are in gods around the village, could easily be found along like a Hummingbird Hawk Moth, the flora and fauna of this Claire Roberts, Pinus bungeana, cotinus coggygria, South India, can bring their children to play while you learn here, dragonflies, butterflies, pianfei is filled.

So God village can be said to be a natural museum, tucked away so many surprises, of course, there's more sex, you need to put your heart into it!

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All over the city, Zhai Freeway gods scenic area

Luoyang directions: on Zhou Shan Lu Cheng--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Directions in XI ' an: XI-Tong Expressway--of Lian-Huo Expressway-three Zhejiang Expressway – Zheng Lu--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Zhengzhou: Zheng Shaoluo high speed (Huo high-speed)-Zheng Lu high-speed--gods village (3h, 230km)

Luanchuan direction: Luan high speed-high speed – Zheng Lu-Ning Luo, Luo--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

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Sanmenxia (low): sanmenxia Station Road (State Road 310)-before junction go to Highway 249-the Palace Xiang--Xiao Jie Xiang Jian Kou Xiang Zhai--gods--scenic area

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