Will want to take it, must first

Outside, suddenly the knife light to split the sky in half, the sky for one break, instant thick clouds, heaven and earth steep dark. The bullet-like rain swept from the depths of the sky and attacked my well-being.

Home, a lot of delicious food, at your fingertips, I can enjoy in which one. That cut the sun's cover for my rain attack, I am leisurely leisurely inside, do not worry about food, do not have to be killed by natural enemies. Can be here, except dark, still, dark. In addition to food, or food, the world is so big, I want to see, to see the watercolor dry sky, to listen to the murmur from the nature whisper, to smell the fragrance of flowers that fragrance.

So, I want to break through, this dark cages, even badly, even if, to abandon this full of food and security, even if starved to death, was killed, even if the badly beaten. So, bye, the food, I - going out.

Looking at this full of food, feel hungry, feel greedy, a little nausea, and they greedily hid my desire, I feel more disgusting. I began to feel that this is by no means an amnesty, but a hell! There are many greedy and ugly "zombies" in this hell, and he gradually feeds on your beliefs. I looked at these camouflage, oh! God, do not look at them, will tempt you, they are too delicious, give up them, must go out!

That darkness, squeezed into a beam of light, I disdain looked at them, went in that direction. When I waved my wings to the sky, the front was an invisible wall, I was blocked, no way to leave, is a helpless black. Below, a rotten evil, I am so hungry, tired, they are good, not! do not look! give up! Abandon them!

For a long time, it rained for a long time. And I, insisted that piece of closed days, constantly breathing, covered with embarrassment. A twist, but also to see them wearing angelic artifacts waving to me. Exhausted me, overlooking them, like a horrible black hole, hard and hard to suck me down, and I, hard to escape, escape.

When an inverted plastic bottle fell, in a garbage room, a black spot to rush to the blue sky, quietly - sound.

Stinging like a smoke-like winding in my soft body, but I saw the watercolor dry sky, like a dream like gentle wind, gurgling sound of water and fragrant flowers, I see behind, that was me Abandon the food, no longer regret, because I have the survival of the fighting spirit, I will have more and get better.

I am free to fly, enjoy the sunshine touch, from time to time there will be prey into their own line of sight, perhaps the enemy. I will not find food because of worry, will kill because of the enemy and escape, he is a predator, but also predators. I no longer fear:

Because, will want to take it, must first.

Because, what i want to get, must first, what to pay.

Because, I gave up, that bottle of the abandoned, get a world, new, one should not give up, escape the world, how wonderful.

Outside, suddenly the knife light to split the sky in half, the sky for one break, bullet-like rain swept from the depths of the sky, a small black spots hiding in a group of dark green, in the reward, the world's beautiful.