Indifferent, that is their own scenery

Indifferent to their own is the scenery

In the youth of this dream-like years, the desire for good love is the arrival of each lonely long, single long people's desire. Fleeting beautiful, should not bear from the War.

But ...

When you walk alone on the road, had been casually, heartless to enjoy the front of the scenery, that the sun's exposure at least not so glare, because it brought you a shadow of the companion, the mouth brought back a trace of calm and calm Smile, think this is also good. But inadvertently caught a glimpse of the stone road next to the two shadows, the man is not handsome and compelling, handsome tall and straight, the woman is not the capacity of the city, shame flower appearance. But in the sun's exposure, the breeze blowing over the girl's cheek, blowing hair blowing in the boy's nose, the two will smile, harmonious blurred eyes. You inexplicable think of a word: "to see you love it! While the breeze is not dry, the sun is just, while you are still young, he is not old."

Yes, ah, the more beautiful words, will be fantasy, that he and his walk on the road ... ... can bow to see the shadow of the feet, the heart sour a bit, he should still on the road, brought back even their own Did not notice out of the twilight. Should be helpless laugh, laugh why they have not used to a person's way, laughing why they fantasize, laugh yourself what is the ... ... so you unknowingly speed up the pace, leaving the back may be a shortage of Escape the back of it In the heart secretly determined, after still less to see the roadside scenery it Perhaps it is not suitable for such appreciation.

Clockwise, time will not be static. When the front of the scenery for a stubble and a crop of time, when you are already accustomed to the side with the formation of pairs of pairs of couples, when you witnessed the object of the roommate roommate also changed a crop of another crop when I Think of your heart at this time is indifferent, calm, such as no one to take the water of the ancient wells, not the slightest waves. Even, there is a world of people are drunk my awake feeling, not inexplicable sour, will not escape the place of a couple, will not stare at their lonely shadow in a daze. Envy is no longer accompanied by sunshine in the couple, but the sunset in the line together for the elderly. Just think that when the life of the people, he should appear when it Encountered is the edge, not the life is not it

Road or to go, the scenery or to see, the most beautiful years, even without his companions, but also to take it lightly. Cold lonely figure is a shadow of their own praise, laughing chic is the romantic couple can not imitate the demeanor. The calmness of the heart is the height that anyone can not match.

Indifferent, that is their own scenery.