Shen Lingzhai torrent Yong Jin River project officially operational

August 12, 2017, Luoning County National AAAA level tourist attractions, national forest parks and national geological park Shenlingzhai scenic area, the rapids into the outdoor adventure project was officially completed and put into operation.

In April this year, the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association outdoor expansion adventure tourism conference and the Fair and Henan Luoyang outdoor expansion adventure tourism and equipment Expo held in Luoyang City, indicates that the trend of outdoor adventure tourism in recent years, the activities gradually from high-end professional population gradually to the public Tourists. At present, the market adventure projects, most of the strong professional, it is difficult for ordinary tourists. Therefore, the scenic area after the topography of the park survey, repeatedly invited industry experts to demonstrate, and a comprehensive assessment of the market, launched in Henan Province, the first professional outdoor upstream project - torrent Yong Jin.

Shenlingzhai torrents into the outdoor expansion adventure built by Donggou geography, a total length of about 800 meters, the trip contains through the rock pile, streams, traversing, Valentine's Bridge, walking wire, flying trapeze, climbing waterfalls and other challenges. Along the way both sides of Castle Peak green, beautiful scenery, flowers.

New lines, new adventure, new enjoyment, Shen Lingzhai torrent Yong Jin relying on the original natural style, to meet people's hydrophilic, challenging new travel needs, to bring physical and mental exercise and pleasure, to fill the province of professional upstream Creek Adventure project Blank, for the province's outdoor adventure tourism development left a thick and heavy.