Movie “god Lingzhai” is about to release

Recently, a to Luoning for the shooting, Luoning County Shenling Village Scenic Spot the same name big movie "God Lingzhai" two trailers officially released, and announced the stall on July 31, 2017 landing the cinema. At that time, small partners can go to the cinema, enjoy this distance with us so close to the big movie.

Film shooting viewfinder is located in our Loning's spiritual village. "God Lingzhai" is a love-themed film. About the protagonist from Shanghai to Luoyang God Lingzhai, met with all kinds of different characters, love and emotions have produced their own different sublimation. The film in the four heroes with different purposes to the mysterious gods village. There is no city in the troubles, there is no complex social relations, there is no intricate interests, a simple and tense journey is about to begin ... ...

Previously, the film was on June 27, 2017 to get the State Press and Publication Administration of the film office issued by the "film release license", the film can be issued at home and abroad.

The film by Liu Geshen as the total producer, Pan Xiaobin, Secretary Yu Qian co-directed, Sa steel cloud, Yu Zeying, Wang Jia 珧 starred in the road love comedy movie "God Lingzhai" is about to land in the cinema, the film from Henan Shentai Holdings Group produced, rain wood era exclusive publicity and distribution.