Best forecast: gods Zhai Starlight Music Festival is coming!Tickets are free!

11 holiday travel has been put on the agenda,

The donkey friends are itching,

This fall, where Chuang?

The most comfortable time of the year,

A unique outdoor carnival feast

Zhai passion play in gods!

September 22-October 7

God village Starlight Music Festival is coming!

Burning hormones and rock and roll rhythm mix!

In the manic Music Festival along with thousands of people shouting!

Most hot passion!Most independent!

You all set?

Just picture it,

Under the bright vastness of the sky, accompanied by the rhythm of the city and the excitement of the crowd,

Drop bombs binge wave

Let the Music Carnival shine with the stars!

Drinking wine with music,

Put his arm around the youth and roll

Go under the stars now!!

September 22,

16 days in a row every night at eight o'clock in the evening!

God village Starlight Music Festival

Please look forward to!


Forward this to friends and send screenshots to backstage

Daily selection of 20-bit,

Send music festival tickets 1 tickets!

(Date: 30th September 19 ~9 month)

Special Note:

1, holding tickets for the music festival, from September 22 to September 30 can enjoy free!

2, each micro-signals involved in only 1 award

Luoning spirit village is the national AAAA grade scenic spot, national forest parks, and State-level geological parks, into geological wonders, cultural landscape in one, in the paintings, is the scenery.

And dear family and friends, hiking sightseeing, sample local food, feel the fresh and comfortable Inn Hall, hard details, here you have fun, eat at ease, comfortable.

Fall season, we are waiting for you in gods village ~

Traffic route

All over the city, Zhai Freeway gods scenic area

Luoyang directions: on Zhou Shan Lu Cheng--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Directions in XI ' an: XI-Tong Expressway--of Lian-Huo Expressway-three Zhejiang Expressway – Zheng Lu--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Zhengzhou: Zheng Shaoluo high speed (Huo high-speed)-Zheng Lu high-speed--gods village (3h, 230km)

Luanchuan direction: Luan high speed-high speed – Zheng Lu-Ning Luo, Luo--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Yuncheng direction: shipped three high speed-high-speed--high-speed-Lian-Huo-Zheng Lu-yongning road – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Sanmenxia directions: East haven station-three sound at high speed on high-speed – Zheng Lu-concentric-yongning road – road – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Sanmenxia (low): sanmenxia Station Road (State Road 310)-before junction go to Highway 249-the Palace Xiang--Xiao Jie Xiang Jian Kou Xiang Zhai--gods--scenic area

God village area Tel: