June with children to the gods play “gun battle”!

Hot summer sun
Presumably we do not want to always stay in the air-conditioned room blowing air conditioning it
But it is too hot to go out to do?
Then take the child to the gods of the village it
Climbing, camping, playing water
There is always a suitable for you


This week will usher in the eagerly "water gun big fight"

Every child can be incarnated into a brave little warrior,

Not afraid of "gun hail of bullets", you come to me, shoot each other.


Wow, water guns really want to play

You can also enjoy mountain views

Think about it all excited
So the question came, how can the water play the children's favorite water gun?
Purchase scenic tickets to give a water gun

Please pay attention to the details of "Shen Lingzhai area" official public account
Fast with a child had a different summer it ~