Summer night

I like the night because it indulges my imagination. Four seasons of the night especially like summer night.

Spring night, dark fragrance floating, serene and poetic, it is beautiful, but the North's spring is too short, and no time to enjoy, to rush away. Autumn night, although the night is cool as water, autumn insect whisper, but bleak wind, flying leaves, often people feel bleak. Winter night is too quiet, biting cold, people discouraged.

The most charming is the summer night, quiet and serene, romantic poetic, wonderful like a gentle singing and playing serenade ... ...

Like the summer night wind, like the summer night, like the summer night lights ... ...

Daytime hustle and bustle, slipped without a trace, so that the night alone, is a kind of enjoyment, enjoy the day can not enjoy the tranquil and quiet.

Quiet night poems, away from the tired. In such a night for a spiritual solo, in the blooming life of flowers, tiptoe, vividly dancing, swaying their own feelings, listening to the depths of their own heart shallow singing. No audience, only black night, except it, no one can see me.

Put down the burden, forget the trivia, that moment, I only belong to myself. Night quiet, touch the real self, heart peace and peace.

Heart quiet, light light, like water, the real reading self, listening to the melody of their own heart. Suddenly remembered Lin Yutang: life is a poem, it has its own melody and beat. Perhaps the busy day and impetuous, disrupted the depths of my soul beat. Quiet night, in this spiritual rest, at this time I and his own beat, freely in their own souls in the depths of the shuttle.

Moonlight dissolves, night winds. Such a night, lean on a railing to see a moonlight, what is the cozy. Despite the city's moonlight was dim light of the color, less of some clarity, difficult to see Su Shi's "court, such as water empty" beauty. But a speckled moon shadow, but also another flavor.

Overlooking the lights, heart suddenly rushed up warm. A light of light, so that the whole floor becomes soft up. Under the light, there is always a look forward to the return of their loved ones, the kind of warm sense of belonging, is the power of the family.

Quiet night, a touch of thoughts floating in the air, harvesting a mood, harvest a feeling.

Years quiet, summer night poetry, cut a section of water time, let it quietly flowing in the bottom of my heart ... ...