Life, there must always be a walk away travel

When the trip in the face of passion, "back up the trail" is the best interpretation! Said to go away, itself is a kind of aside step by step, put aside the complicated trivial, put aside the rules. Unprepared, meaning unknown, longing, looking forward, stimulating .... It seems that life must come to such a trip, be considered perfect enough.

From the twentieth year of the first time that year, to meet later love to travel the gentleman, like God gave me a scheduled travel ticket, "travel" these words have been properly in my life in the dictionary , Repeatedly recorded yesterday's happiness. But, immutable, stick to the rules, it seems a little less fun, lost a few emotions, even if the delicious food, there are tired of eating a day. Sometimes the foreshadowing of the mountain water color, Bashanshui wading to the destination, but how can not find the imagination of the Nama surprise. I do not know when to start, to say a walk away, I became a dream.

In a corner of the time, micro-circle met the students in the cry of a cry, wake up my heart that dream, time node on the right, impartial, gave birth to a walk away the impulse. Go to the line and the line is a few high school few days in the little contact with the old classmates, by car, online car rental, free exercise, navigation, online booking, online hotel ... a few years ago this series of avant-garde elements, people excited, Heart surging; with the feeling to go, even more people hope, ecstatic!

We arrived in Jingxi, Sino-Vietnamese border is a paradise, called the beauty of Guilin but little known. There are endless pastoral scenery, and the distant clouds filled with peaks and peaks of the forest side by side, like a dream paradise; where there is Asia's largest transnational waterfall Tak Tin Falls, magnificent, magnificent; there Qing Jiajing emperor Thanks to the name of "Lingquan night light," the goose spring, clear and elegant, blue waves rippling ... Wonderful is that this said walking away to bring me all the excitement, and finally precipitated in the mark and not much Jingxi scenery Charming, beautiful scenery, coloring more but the old students share the passion is not old, years without trace.

No wonder some people say that where to travel is not important, it is important to travel with what people. This is true! With different people to travel, experience certainly different. Just no matter how long we desire, and ultimately with what people trip, depends on a fate. Love of the sweet, warm family, the friendship of the students, meet the beautiful beauty ... ... accompany us through, is a section of irreplaceable course. Old classmate this label, is a kind of predecessors of love, the edge of this world. No matter how far apart, no matter how long, regardless of whether the usual contact, a hello, you can let people do not hesitate to take a luggage.

Life is so rare once met! That all the way situation, peeping we cherish the youth; that way the landscape, we chase the chant of chasing. Just remember that when the wind is light, the rain is soft, the heart is run, a red wine, drunk a bit of feelings ... the original, a person's understanding, no matter how long the time to know, To travel together day and night! Work together to travel, so that a classmate love from a similar acquaintance written as fortunate enough to know each other.

Every trip of life is a practice. No matter how the starting, there are unexpected gains, meet you expected, met your unexpected, these may be life track has long been set. But that go away, see, must be a rewarding joy.