2016 of the gods of the village, a new life to start a new life

Wonderful 2015 has passed, the new 2016 is slowly start, the new year new weather, new year new hope, for 2016, we have a good imagination. How about 2016 how to open a better life?
1. To five female peaks, see a sunrise
Winter morning, red on the rise, Xiaguang million, illuminated in the vast sea of ​​clouds above, colorful, Huaguang brilliant, Yongjin flow of silver, the formation of the mysterious village of wonderful nest clouds wonders.

2. To Jiuzhaigou experience wonderful ice hanging
Winter god Lingzhai, is a great place to enjoy the ice hanging. Summer water gurgling, long winter ice hanging complex. Nature of the uncanny workmanship, the winter gods Zhuangzhuang dressed as a snow and ice world.

3. to the silver chain waterfall a stream of ding dong

The wonderful notes of the spring ding dong, is the most beautiful melody of nature.
4. with their parents, to the spirit of the village wash the lungs

Here are the original ecological bamboo forest, where more than 90 percent of the forest coverage, here is the natural oxygen bar, where there is a direct drink of the stream, here is the world wonderland, this is the gods Walled.
In the eyes of your parents, you are always children, but they really go by day and night. Their health, about the peace of a family. In this era of haze dispersed, it is better to wash the lungs of the village of God.
2015, we bid farewell to a lot
2016, we can have a better life