【New Year confession】 sent a love letter to Luoning Shen Lingzhai

Say that you are the peach blossom of the earth;
In my opinion, you are my spiritual station.
I met you in the spring, summer, autumn and winter of 2015,
I have seen you in full bloom, I am happy;
I heard you singing in the summer, I am happy;
I smell the sweetness of your fruit in the autumn, and I am warm;
And you meet the winter snow, I drunk.

I said you are the world of April, laughter lit all the wind You are a ditch in the ditch tree a tree bloom, you are bright, is hope.


I walk between the mountains and water in the gods of the village, the warm spring enough to melt the snow on the top of the mountain. Valleys, streams, waterfalls woke up, all of a sudden, you Smart up. Spring breeze blowing to me full of joy face.


Summer, your mountain in the cool shade and fast flowing water, enjoy the carnival, I am excited for your enthusiasm. Originally, I was just passing, who expected to become the returnees.
I am a cloud in your summer sky, occasionally projection in your heart, you do not have to be surprised, no more joy. I am overlooking the vast land of you, I can not believe that contains all the lost good.

Walking, autumn is coming. I am not a painter, can not sing your colorful and elegant; I am a Walker, can give you the most sincere and the most hot blessing.


Far, I smell the fruit of the mountains - branches of dry persimmon yellow, crisp jujube. I seem to think that this is your bloom again.

The most let me intoxicated is your winter, I am full of hope that the dream of the sea of ​​clouds, crystal lovely ice hanging, you are so selfless and generous, presented me.


I think I am very fit, when a chant; I think I am very happy, you accompany me through 2015. This is a letter sent to you - Luoning God Lingzhai love letter, which is not sweet to write your sweet praise.