Dragon Boat Festival encounter Windmill Festival

This year 's Dragon Boat Festival is different from previous years
A week later the gods of the village
Hundreds of thousands of various types of colored windmill romantic airborne
Wear bamboo forest, goods quiet lake, view stone waterfall
The windmill is ocean
Over the romantic Dragon Boat Festival
May 28, 29, 30 days
God! spirit! Walled! wind! car! Section!
With the children together to "sell Meng innocence"!
There are surprises at the scene to send gifts ~ ~

The possibility of dumplings bigger Oh!

Guan Yunshan bamboo sea, is the heart of the trip: walking in the deep bamboo forest, looking at the range of overlapping peaks, mountain, water, bamboo, in the range of overlapping peaks, in the thousands of hundred turn, the curl clouds around the mountain, pestering bamboo , Accompanied by water, and the county graceful show elegant bamboo Township, in the cloud of bamboo against the background, like a fairyland loft.
Sucking oxygen ions, is the Qingfei trip: from the city of people to the bamboo green bamboo shoots, exposure to bamboo, jungle, quiet waterfall between the highest in China, the highest content of negative oxygen ions, feel the freedom of nature are free The bit.
At the cool environment, is the summer tour: where the average annual temperature of 20 ℃, summer does not exceed 30 ℃, the summer stream slowly, the lake as a mirror, bamboo Mao Wai, cool like autumn Is the city people leisure, summer and a great place to recuperate.