Family life cool, scenic race

Activities theme: summer hope ink Danqing, satisfied that the landscape painting

Summer, summer leisure, play in the water, in the forest leisure, feel the most relaxed state of life. This time is mainly student holiday season, the activities of the main planning to summer travel, parent-child tour, family travel mainly.

Work, life, study, all the time will make people feel a certain pressure. People need a simple and effective way to release stress. Running, in the picturesque scenery, running. It is a simple and effective exercise for you to release stress. Compared with the traditional running competition, more infinite joy and romance. God of the summer, green world, quiet and quiet. Tired, lying down to see the mountain view of the cloud; hot, attached to the water cool; hungry, taste farm food. Hey, do not you come? Do you have to endure irritability and soreness in stress? Believe you, not so silly Oh