God Lingzhai, the winter for you gorgeous into poetry

The memory of the gods
Scattered in the winter on the road
In the winter of the winter
Listen to the falling voice of snowflakes
The sunset was red

Is it wind or yours?
Put that page on the old time
Gently set off


Four seasons round
Always go too fast
A turn
After all, turned to the winter


Those who encounter the wind, those encounter the rain
A transparent and gorgeous coat
Also filled with the gods of the winter romantic poetic
Waterfall still, the majestic momentum of the past
Are beginning to settle in the beautiful old dream


I picked up the beauty of your snowflakes
Lingering tenderness, such as a ray of residual wind
Will be the winter for you gorgeous into poetry
You are in the line, I am in the word
So we can
Living in the same poem


When all the time has gone
When all the stories are washed by the years
Finally hold in my hand, your name
Will accompany me in the warmth
Slowly old
Until my snow is blooming
I also like snowflakes quietly melted