Snow after the gods Walled, mainly to see temperament

With the dark winter, the colorful gods of the soul of a change, with "thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow," the magnificent, showing a different kind of meaning, people obsessed, linger.

Mountains and woods wrapped suits, ice hanging exquisitely carved, even the most commendable water, but also a little bit of wanton publicity, more pure and quiet, more and more crystal clear.

The color of the water through the white thin ice through, such as a giant jasper, ice mosaic in the meantime, glowing white light, change the colorful scene of colorful.

Waterfall into a huge ice curtain, the shape of the different icicles, ice hockey, ice mantle embellishment, white ice curtain mapping dark faint light, the whole is bright dazzling ice crystal world, interpretation of the gods Walled holy rhyme The

Ice condensate waterfalls, water gurgling, splashed on the moss covered with rocks, thin water issued a refreshing tone, the more quiet the valley, full of poetic, added a distinctive and charming.