Mussel stew tofu

Mussels, also known as river crooked, river clams, birds and so on. Mussel stew tofu, it is quite pay attention to the burning method, burning bad will appear very tough, chewing is not bad; burn too tender, because the river clam meat is cold, food and easy to cause diarrhea. We are here in the marsh mussels, are all to be a piece of mussel meat block on the case board, with a short pine stick gently beat the tongue of the mussel parts of the tongue, the force can not be too fierce, otherwise the river Mussel beaten rotten, and can not be superficial, fail to beat the purpose. The purpose of the beat is the mussel meat tongue parts of the fleshy fiber slowly knocked off, so burned out of the mussel is not only very tender meat, and very delicious, do not need to add monosodium glutamate.

Beat the mussel meat, can be cut into large pieces, but to curl around the mussel moon crescent shaped circumcision, can not let the flesh of the yellow juice cut out, otherwise it will lose the delicious taste; or can be chopped Small pieces, but want to pour out the yellow juice together with the pot. Will be a little fried onion ginger, pour into the mussel stir fry a few minutes to this time if there are a few pieces of pickled pork together with the pot, fat pork with a delicate river clam meat, instant fragrance overflowing Open to. Stir fry into the fire after a few tablespoons of cold water, because the cold water can be mussel meat in the protein gradually precipitated, and then cut into small pieces of tofu covered in the mussel meat. And then the fire will be boiled soup, changed to a small fire stew, tofu block above the beginning of the pores when the sprinkle with chopped green onion and garlic section, put a little salt, a fragrant, delicious, rich soup The mussel stew tofu is done.
This road mussel stew tofu, mussel fleshy yellow through the gray, pickled pork slices rosy, mixed with white tofu and green chopped green onion or garlic, can be described as color, smell, taste and taste.