Luoning Jinzhuo fruit

Luoning ancient name, Tang Wude first year (AD 618) renamed Yongning, Republic of China two years (AD 1912) renamed Luoning so far. Luoning County is located in the mountains of the west of Henan, Luo River in the upper reaches, attached to the ancient capital of Luoyang City, the natural characteristics of the "seven mountains and two plateau." Luoning is one of the earliest activities of the Chinese nation and one of the birthplace of civilization, Cangjie making Taiwan, Luo book from the monument long history; Yangshao, leading cultural sites highlight the thick heritage. Ancient and splendid history and culture, rich and beautiful natural scenery, so that this piece of land into a mountain in the mountains of a shining pearl. Pear origin of China, cultivation history has been more than 2500 years. Qing Emperor Qianlong fifty-five years, "Yongning County" on the pear, peach and other 14 kinds of fruit are recorded. In six years, "Luoning County" in the "volume of two soil fruit" records "pear is divided into summer pear, autumn pear, sand pear." Jinzhu fruit pear is selected from the wild pear in the fine varieties, in the Luoning mountain house before the house sporadic cultivation time for a long time, due to the appearance of beautiful, good quality, unique flavor, health effects are remarkable, by the local people called " " Jinzhu fruit pear also known as sand pear king, because of its yellow translucent, the shape of mango, like a drum, so that gold beads fruit. Coupled with the unique health care function, was hailed as pear treasures.