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Luoning Shenlingzhai Scenic Area is a national 4A level scenic spot, the National Geological Park, the National Forest Park. Scenic area is located in Luoning County Jiankou Township, with canyons, stone waterfall, bamboo, ancient trees, streams, peaks and other types of granite original ecological landscape, called the China Geological Museum. Chinese stone waterfall, gods stream, three official culture famous. Gods Grand Canyon shape diverse, Qifeng different stone, ecological simplicity, the mountain cloud steamed Xia Wei, beautiful scenery.
Scenic area is currently actively raising funds, in strict accordance with the national 5A level scenic standard requirements, plans to invest 300 million yuan, high starting point planning, high standard construction: Shenlingzhai ecological parking lot, Shenling Village multi-purpose ski resort, Jiuzhaigou mountain golf driving range , Xigou characteristics of food and beverage center, God Lingzhai International Conference Center, the gods of the theme of the resort hotel, the gods meditation hotel, the gods mountain North American village hotel, stacked water landscape hotel, Jiuzhaigou wedding photography base, the gods town portrait of commercial street, Such as infrastructure and integrated tourism projects. Also planned at the end of 2017 and early 2018, the reconstruction of the temple and set up a large cableway. To create a comprehensive tourism area of ​​the Central Plains region, to all-round tourism products for the characteristics of the gods to build a tourism complex project.
As the rapid development of enterprises need to recruit the following talent to join:
1, scenic tourist center manager: asked women, aged 23-32 years old; tourism or other professional graduate, college education, the best country guide; have more than 2 years tourism industry, or other service industry management experience ; Love the cause of tourism, with the Internet + thinking; good image quality, strong ability to express, comprehensive quality, hard-working, enterprising. Once hired, treatment favorably. Performance conditions can be relaxed.
2, scenic tourist center tour guide: requirements of women, aged 20-26 years old, household registration is not limited; tourism or other services graduate, secondary school or higher, the best guide card; love tourism and scenic career, positive , The basic quality is good. Treatment interview.
3, scenic ticket: requirements of women, aged 20-26 years old, household registration is not limited; secondary education or above; love tourism and scenic career, positive progress, the basic quality is good. Treatment interview.

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