Ling-yang blooming, against the wind – Luoyang City and Luoning County leaders field investigation Shen Lingzhai scenic area documentary

January 13, 2016, with the gods on the area of ​​concern, with the revitalization of the ardent expectations of tourism. To Luoyang City Vice Mayor Shang Yingzhao, Luoyang City Tourism Development Committee Director Wang Xiaohui, Communist Party of China Luoning county party secretary Zhang Xianyu, Luoyang Daily Vice President Jia Haixi led the delegation came to Luoning Shen Lingzhai Scenic Area, field trips and guide Luoning Shenlingzhai Scenic Area to create a national 5A - level scenic tourism project construction. Luoyang City, Deputy Director of the Travel Industry Committee Cui Guangyan, Luoning County Vice Mayor Wang Ye, Henan Shentai Holding Group Chairman Liu Gengshen, Group President He Liangan, Luoyang Longtai Industrial Company General Manager Yang Yi Bing, Luoyang God Lingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Feng, Luoyang Shen'an Deputy General Manager Li Yanqing, Luoyang God Lingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Yong and other relevant departments and business executives to accompany inspection.

Winter winter, although cold, but every god Lingzhai scenic people's heart is hot. Over the past year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "515 Strategy" of China's tourism industry, showing an unprecedented industry confidence, industry self-confidence and self-confidence. Comrade Li Jin-chen, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Director of the National Tourism Administration, pointed out: "China's tourism industry, like the winter bloom, contrarian growth, bright and dazzling, brought us greater confidence and warmth." Chairman of the Board headed by Liu Guishen Henan Shentai Holding Group, as an outstanding representative of private enterprises in Luoyang City, and actively respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, conform to the great trend of historical development. Henan Shentai Holding Group Chairman Liu Geshen announced: the Shenlingzhai Scenic Area as a group asset securitization of the breakthrough, the group industry to the tourism industry in a comprehensive transformation. Luoyang God Lingzhai Scenic Area ushered in the rapid development of the golden opportunity.

Luoning Shenlingzhai Scenic Area is a national 4A level scenic spot, the National Geological Park, the National Forest Park. Scenic area is located in Luoning County Jiankou Township, with canyons, stone waterfall, bamboo, ancient trees, streams, peaks and other types of granite original ecological landscape, called the China Geological Museum. Chinese stone waterfall, gods stream, three official culture famous. Gods Grand Canyon shape diverse, Qifeng different stone, ecological simplicity, the mountain cloud steamed Xia Wei, beautiful scenery.

September 2007 Shenlingzhai Scenic Area successfully promoted the national 4A level scenic spot. 9 years, scenic areas continue to strengthen infrastructure and quality assessment, standardize the order of operation, and promote scenic construction and management to a new level. In order to create a better tourist environment for tourists, the scenic area is currently actively raising funds, in strict accordance with the national 5A level scenic standard requirements, plans to invest 300 million yuan, high starting point planning, high standard construction: Shen Lingzhai ecological parking lot, Function ski resort, Jiuzhaigou mountain golf driving range, Xigou characteristic food center, god Lingzhai international conference center, god spirit mountain theme resort hotel, god spirit meditation hotel, god Lingzhai North American village hotel, stacked water landscape hotel, Jiuzhaigou wedding photography base , The gods of ancient town style commercial street, gods theater and other infrastructure and integrated tourism projects. Also planned at the end of 2017 and early 2018, the reconstruction of the temple and set up a large cableway. To create a comprehensive tourism area of ​​the Central Plains region, to all-round tourism products for the characteristics of the gods to build a tourism complex project.

Scenic areas of the future development of the vision is: to upgrade to the national 5A-level scenic spots, and in the future conditions of maturity to declare the world's geological park. All project plans to be completed by the end of 2017. After the completion of the project, Shenlingzhai Scenic Area parking spaces will reach 1,200, with more than 2,000 beds, the annual tourist reception capacity of more than 100 million people, to achieve annual comprehensive income of more than 6,000 yuan tourism. And strive to make Shenlingzhai scenic area to become a tourism conference vacation, leisure and fitness in one, financial geological wonders, cultural landscape in one, both the northern landscape of the vigorous and beautiful landscape of the southern tourist attractions.

Shang Yingzhao Vice Mayor, Wang Xiaohui Director, Zhang Xianyu secretary and his party led the comrades around the gods Walled Scenic Area new projects while walking to see, and listen to the relevant department heads and affiliated enterprises responsible for the planning and construction work for the report.

Shang Yingzhao Vice Mayor pointed out: Shenlingzhai Scenic Area of ​​the original ecological protection is good, scenic tourism development has far-reaching value. To establish a national 5A-level scenic spots on the height of the planning, high starting point, high standards of construction; to do a good job in advance product positioning and market positioning, around the construction of international tourism and leisure resort goals. So that the scenic area of ​​hardware planning and construction of software and folk culture combined, not only do a good job in the construction of scenic areas and protect the local natural environment. City Tourism Commission Director Wang Xiaohui also on the Shenlingzhai scenic area to enhance the transformation work to give a high degree of recognition.

Aoxue cold plum branches put, winter to spring flowers. Henan Shentai Holding Group headed by Chairman Liu Guishen, chairman of the board of directors, stood in the gateway to the "travel + internet" and looked forward to working with the party and the government, together with all the tourism industry, Flowers Ling cold bloom, against the wind flying! Let the times hear the development of tourism voice, so that the Government feel the confidence of the development of tourism, so that people feel the good times of tourism and leisure!

Do not live up to the times, live up to the people. Let us wish: God Lingzhai scenic future is more beautiful! Shenlingzhai 5A scenic ideal as soon as possible!

(Special correspondent: Shen Lingzhai scenic area Zhang Yong)