Luoning pull the face

Small pots like thick porcelain bowl, whitening soup, thick gluten soft ramen, a handful of fragrant incense, a chopsticks head fried pepper, a stir, that was awkward. Originally sheep, beef is Ningxia, Inner Mongolia's specialty, ramen is the specialty of Shaanxi, by Luoning people a fusion and to play, became the name of Luoning. Many Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Sanmenxia and other outsiders not far from "Baili" come here especially.

Luoning's chewing master are tiger, big head, strength enough. Half pots side they grabbed, put on the board a rub, the stump pile so thick, they shut the public like a sword like, bravely up, whirling twice, shaking flick, and then twist a twist, two aligned, left a loose , Like a tame of the big python, twisted body, trembling whole body, and sometimes also probe probe, up hard hook, and finally, still unable to hang.

Do this step, ask, a few bowls? And then twisted into a few pythons, flapping on the board, a pile of a pile, honestly neatly arranged there. Grabbed a pile, rubbing, rubbing around, like pumping line like, wrapped around ten fingers are full, on the side of the hand flap on the board fell, sound crisp, loud, firecrackers, the atmosphere Very active, surface collapse tight, rubber band like bounce uneasy, the surface of the fine.
Luoning pull the soup flavor enough, floating fat fat butter, placed pepper, a pot of red dignified, the next good face, pull the master are generally asked, to pepper do not? To the master is very generous, under the spoon ran along the noodles, fragrant chili oil poured into the bowl, immediately drowned the surface. Do not scare, look more chili, in fact, incense after the spicy spicy, and spicy and looming behind the point of sweet, a variety of taste offset each other, but also support each other, so that spicy taste, but not at all, It seems pure thick plump, memorable. The first time to eat a little afraid, the second time to eat on the bitter answer, more to point!
Sometimes to eat with meat. Luoning pull the meat more features. Other places have to cut into pieces, a chopstick to pick a naked, a bowl of noodles like the loss of the soul. And Luoning pull the meat cut into small pieces of Ding, spread a bowl, almost every mouth will not consciously slipped into the mouth a little, the taste has been balanced, meat, noodles, soup into one, totally natural, meat to play to the In fact, meat flavor seduce people soup, soup flavor because the meat and more fresh, vivid, they are together, beating, ran to the mouth. At this time, eating, really became enjoyment.