Luoning cherry

Luoning Cherry is the specialty of Dongsong Town, Luoning County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. Cherry is known as "the first fruit of early spring," said the introduction of Luoning County in recent years began to develop, the county cherry area of ​​2000 mu, mainly in the East Songzhen Guanzhuang village, suburbs, at the end of Zhang and other towns. Is located in the depths of the East Song Town, there are three villages developed from the cultivation of large cherries, an area of ​​more than 1,200 acres, cherry trees become a local farmers out of poverty to become rich cash cow. Along the road of Luoning - Mianchi, we went to the East Song town, on the first village of the East Songpo is the official village (official West Village). Village side of the road there is a gatehouse, the door on the "official village cherry garden" a few characters clearly visible, we put the car into the cement road along the right into the garden. Into the cherry forest, the air is filled with cherry pure and sweet, deep take a mouthful, feel refreshed, that a string of bright red cherry, that piece of wind swaying leaves , Seems to be trying to attract the attention of these guests a few guests. We said with a smile, gathered in the owner of the cherry tree, the beauty of the fun to enjoy the picking, the taste of the owner of the enthusiasm, taste the cherry that nectar-like sweet, silly looking at the bend people Dizzy, fascinating, people reverie and hook the soul of the cherry world, we can not help but sing in them, among them, drunk in them.