Luoning steamed meat

Luoyang County in Luoyang County, Henan Province, can be said from ancient times to date, from people remember, or from the old China to the new China, to the reform and opening up the twenty-first century today, from top to bottom, or from poor rural people Of the small courtyard, to the county, the county government guest house in the luxury banquet, as long as the guests, especially the distinguished far away, the locals will give you a dish - Luoning steamed meat, and then immediately will give you Elaborate on its beauty and origin. Then you will find that once the open to eat, no matter how your guests feel the taste, they Lu Ning people immediately eat with their own relish. Eat Luoning steamed meat, is here the folk, or Luoning steamed meat is the top of the folk snacks here, is also relatively healthy, healthy and delicious folk snacks. Well, if you have tasted it
Steamed flowers
Steamed vegetables
Like the farm snacks, it is more understanding of the beauty of Luoning steamed meat. That is steamed meat, that a large dish of vegetables but very few meat, mainly to eat
child. that
After the steam is almost a good one, never sticky. Although you are eating
Child, eat up but also fragrant than meat. That kind of taste is like this, you really enjoy the meat as much as possible to enjoy the fragrance and feeling, but able to let go of the amount of full belly, without a little meat fried taste. Is not wonderful?