Original color forest, beauty if dream, Miss and wait another year

"Is the woods of the Spirit village red?""--" red, yellow, Choi Lin Dazzling "

"What's the weather like recently?"”

--"Cloudy, rain-free, Sky wide"

Now the spirit of the village, it is long-term, the best time to reward the red leaves.The mountain's primeval forest was saturated with color, and the spectacular beauty spread throughout the Spirit village.These pictures are from the front-line photographers, no more fresh and moving!

The world has a primitive beauty, after thousands of years of baptism, still as ever.Every existence has its meaning, the spirit of the autumn, short and beautiful, with a slight coolness, but no strong autumn meaning.

In the color forest stroll, view storied to dye, listen to mountain streams, smell bamboo fragrance, it is unforgettable.No matter how the literati wrote it as a poem, you have to be on the scene to experience it.

It is a path, covered with only the dream of the fiery red Maple Leaf, a piece, if trampled on it will rustle?Just wait for you here, to find out.

Magnificent wonders, romantic eyes, red and green autumn leaves, rolling autumn clouds ... Let a person inadvertently, the creation of heaven and man, such as into Wonderland feeling ...

Today's words are not important,

Look at the picture carefully!

Because all languages are so beautiful

They're all pale.

Walk the Spirit village, encounter the autumn charm of the Virgin forest area,
Keep the hustle and bustle out of the mountain
Photo submission: Red Leaf Festival Photo Contest | How can you keep a picture of the scene in your camera?Enjoy the autumn routes

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Luoyang directions: on Zhou Shan Lu Cheng--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Directions in XI ' an: XI-Tong Expressway--of Lian-Huo Expressway-three Zhejiang Expressway – Zheng Lu--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Zhengzhou: Zheng Shaoluo high speed (Huo high-speed)-Zheng Lu high-speed--gods village (3h, 230km)

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Sanmenxia directions: East haven station-three sound at high speed on high-speed – Zheng Lu-concentric-yongning road – road – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Sanmenxia (low): sanmenxia Station Road (State Road 310)-before junction go to Highway 249-the Palace Xiang--Xiao Jie Xiang Jian Kou Xiang Zhai--gods--scenic area

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