There is winter to come, there is snow like poetry, here will enter the gold and silver world

Unconsciously passed the bright spring

Summer's prosperity, autumn's deep

Haven't had much time to think.

It was early winter to turn around.

Some counties in Luoyang have been under the snow these days.

Little weave more look forward to the first snow of the Spirit village

It's cold in winter, but it's fine.

May the life you seek

appear in this winter

Meet the good you want here

A window full of white poems


Look forward to the winter scene

The winter impression of the Spirit village

In winter, the golden sun shines brighter and warmer than any time, and the wool wraps all the people, the warm and snowy winter!

When the fine snow is swirling, the bare and stubborn trees are covered with a thin layer of silver, shining brightly under the sunlight.Just a quick glance, there is an unforgettable feeling.

Snow covered the Chunhua, quiet world, but still can listen to the soft breath of the land, the small life in the mountains of spiritual singing!

Snowflakes falling, no noisy car horse, everything seems to have been sublimated!Pure white snow in heaven and earth, not contaminated with the color of dust directly hit the heart, slowly decorated the earth into a silver kingdom.

To achieve your desire to stay away from the city, 1 months after a pure ice and snow world will open for you, let the shackles too long heart free to dance, do what they want to do, like the snow on the ground of the wizard running in the Kingdom of joy!

The past spring, summer, autumn, already condensed in the beautiful screen, forever stay in the memory of 2017 years, winter finally came ~

May the life you want

appear in this winter

Here, meet the beauty you want

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☆ Transportation Route

☆ All over the city through the highway to the spirit of the village Scenic Area:

Luoyang Direction: Shan station Zheng Lu---Yongning Avenue-Concentric Road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village Scenic Area

Xi ' An direction: West Tong High Speed--Lian Huo high speed--three high speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road----Valley God Road--Spirit Village Scenic Area

Zhengzhou direction: Zheng Shaolo High speed (Huo high-speed)--Zhenglu high Speed--Spirit village (3h, 230km)

Luanchuan direction: Luo Luan High Speed--Ninglo high Speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Jian-shen Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Yuncheng direction: Transport three high speed--Lian Huo High speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Sanmenxia direction: Lingbao East Station High Speed--three high speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning road--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Sanmenxia direction (low-speed): Sanmenxia Station East Road (310 National Road)--the intersection of 249 Provincial Road--palace front Township--small Sector township--Gully Township--Spirit Village Scenic Area

☆ Rescue, Consultation Tel: 0379-66139888

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