Light, always illuminating the dark

This year we have heard too much about the evil events, the River Song case, the Shanghai Ctrip Child abuse incident, to Beijing red Yellow Blue Kindergarten child abuse incident, fear, anger mood one another ... The darkest and most wicked people like the weakest and weakest, and the appearance of the world at this moment, seems to have nothing to do with good.

But this is what really happened, even it is not far away from our own life, but I always remember a word, there is only one true heroism in the world, is to recognize the truth of life after still love it.

I believe that people who love to travel are also passionate about life, but the life itself is not perfect, but it is worth our experience.If your parents, teachers and the outside world treat you with tenderness, be thankful for them, and be thankful for it, for it is too rare in this age.

If not, I hope we all have the ability to face the difficult world, have the courage to say no to the evil forces, go all out to make their own happiness!


Spirit Village Ski Resort free tickets to the end of yesterday, the last batch of winners announced, this winter we wait for you to:

Third Wave game winners list


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T_ 詀 垨 篌 18337973966
Time Walking 13838826596
 ni is my only  13271538757
Liwei 13783120338
Your Grace, 18737941888
Wxb 13683856845
℡ (☆_☆) 15036777840
Fireflies 13525906673
Soaring 18637968308
Dragon Mother 18736332369
Zuweijie 18103887787
State machine Heavy Industry 13938874788
 Zhao Xiaobo. 18539586687
Memories, the continuation of happiness という 18238805292
Zhang towards 18838280198
Peng Hui 18837959282
Guo 15011356126
Xia 18837957933
Anda 15036377151
Diao min 17737453882
King of the Snow Wolf 13693735506
(Vang) billion family travel service 13700755667
Ha 18337973966
Tian Xiaozun 13525416705
Nail half permanent pure Chinese herbal medicine oil-absorbing meatball 17737985386
Kasyapa Smile 18638857720
Hometown of mountains and rivers 15194575638
My Shadow in My eyes 15138755533
Simple  15936512131
Zhang Dong 18336769273
Coincidence@ 15036706659

The above-mentioned winners can get 1 ski tickets free of charge after the Spirit Village ski resort business.

Into the winter cold weather, we must pay attention to warm the cold, beware of colds, early to bed and the rest, good mood, welcome to ski season to play!

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☆ All over the city through the highway to the spirit of the village Scenic Area:

Luoyang Direction: Shan station Zheng Lu---Yongning Avenue-Concentric Road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village Scenic Area

Xi ' An direction: West Tong High Speed--Lian Huo high speed--three high speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road----Valley God Road--Spirit Village Scenic Area

Zhengzhou direction: Zheng Shaolo High speed (Huo high-speed)--Zhenglu high Speed--Spirit village (3h, 230km)

Luanchuan direction: Luo Luan High Speed--Ninglo high Speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Jian-shen Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Yuncheng direction: Transport three high speed--Lian Huo High speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning Avenue--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Sanmenxia direction: Lingbao East Station High Speed--three high speed--Zhenglu high Speed--Yongning road--Concentric road--Ning Ningda Road--Valley God Road--Spirit Village scenic spot

Sanmenxia direction (low-speed): Sanmenxia Station East Road (310 National Road)--the intersection of 249 Provincial Road--palace front Township--small Sector township--Gully Township--Spirit Village Scenic Area

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