National Memorial Day | Don't forget history, Relay for Peace!

December 13, 2017

Fourth National Memorial Day

Today, I am in the Spirit Village

Never forget history, pray for peace

Light candles for the victims

Let us mourn in the name of the nation

Expressing grief

December 13, 1937, the tragic atrocities in Nanjing, China, the Japanese massacre in Nanjing, more than 300,000 of Chinese compatriots died here.

10 Dynasty ancient capital, six dynasties of gold powder, the fall and destruction, the former bustling Nanjing City corpse heap such as mountains, blood.Fire, burning Red The silent sky, blood, soaked the earth of misery.

February 27, 2014, China's 12 NPC Standing Committee of the seventh meeting adopted a decision to set the annual December 13 as the Nanjing Massacre victims of the National Memorial Day.

Life is still going on

National humiliation must not be forgotten

Let us be the future, take history as a mirror

Pass on the memory of this home country!

Let us take the courage to play, and strive forward

This is a national sentiment relay!

Luoyang Luoning County jian Kou xiang God Zhai Scenic Area