The Spirit Village Recruit!It's not easy to find a job.

Every day in the bamboo township to see the most original ecological scenery,

Feel the natural oxygen of the primeval forest every day,

And listen to the stream of birds every day,

See the beauty of the seasons,


If you aspire to work and live in such an environment,

So,Xiao Bian has a good news to announce!

The Spirit Village Scenic Area faces the whole society to recruit,

Good you quickly join us!

Accounting 2
Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for company accounting, good accounting basic work;

2. Accounting for all types of assets, liabilities, costs, costs, income, etc.;

3. Responsible for the reconciliation of the accounts;

4. Responsible for the inventory of all kinds of assets of the company, ensure the accounting is consistent;

5. Prepare various financial statements of the Company;

6. To do a good job of tax accounting processing and tax declaration.

7. Assist finance Manager to develop the company's asset management system and promote its implementation;

8. Regularly tidy up the company name of the housing, vehicles, machinery and equipment, office supplies and other assets, improve statistical accounts, state monitoring, internal adjustment, disposal audit and other functions;

9. Review the Project Fund plan, compile the company's overall fund plan, compile the group Summary Fund plan.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, majored in finance, accounting or related;

2. Men first;

3. Has the accountant Profession Qualifications Certificate, the intermediate and above qualifications certificate is preferred;

4. Familiar with the travel industry accounting procedures and methods;

5. Four years working experience in related position.

6. Familiar with national and local policies and regulations;

7. Proficiency in office automation software and financial software;

8. Good professional ethics, personal credit and work responsibility.

Treatment: 3k-4k+ Meal Supplement + package live

Water and electricity maintenance workers
Job Responsibilities: 1. Participate in the development of hydropower management measures, and do a good job in the implementation of hydropower management measures;

2. Responsible for the development of hydropower facilities maintenance renovation plans and programs;

3. Regular inspection work, carefully check the distribution rooms, fire, water pumps and other public facilities operation and use of the problem to find timely maintenance;

4. Do well the safety inspection work of electrician tools;

5. Fill in detailed work record and keep good maintenance material, maintenance tool equipment, perform handover formalities;

6. Cooperate with the safety inspection work of the superior power department.

Job Requirements:

1. Technical Secondary school degree or above, with Electrician qualification certificate;

2. At least 3 years relevant working experience;

3. Familiar with electrician and pipeline maintenance safety rules;

4. Strong sense of safety and responsibility.

Treatment: 2k-2.5k+ Meal Supplement + wrap

Job Responsibilities: 1. Earnestly completes the company's dispatch vehicle task request, obeys dispatches the dispatching personnel to command;

2. Insist on driving safety inspection, check the vehicle before each train, find out the problem in time, ensure the vehicle running;

3. Drivers should always check the validity of the various documents of the vehicle, and ensure that the documents are complete when driving.

4. After the vehicle is used, the vehicle is parked in the designated position and the steering wheel and doors and windows are locked.

5. Responsible for the annual inspection of vehicles, change the card, change the photos and other work;

6. Do the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle, keep the vehicle tidy and in good condition.

Job Requirements:

1. High school degree or above;

2. Have a driver's license above Class C, 3 years driving age;

3. Familiar with "Traffic safety regulations";

4. Have good professional ethics and dedication spirit;

5. Able to work hard, good health.

Treatment: 1.8k-2.5k+ Meal Supplement + wrap

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