New face, new leap, new target-the 2018 working meeting of the Spirit Village is held grandly!

Luoyang God Zhai Scenic Area 2018-year opening mobilization meeting in the scenic Juyi Hall meeting room, scenic leader Wang Feng, Zhou Paozhong, Fan Rong, Guo Dong in the rostrum to sit.The Spirit Zhai Scenic Area all staff attended the General Assembly.

March 8 Luoyang God Zhai Scenic Area will be opening, in order to smooth the opening of the year, the realization of leapfrog development, to create a national tourist resort, to bring new and comfortable experience for all walks of life; the scenic area takes the group "three standardization" the direction as the general idea, with high request, high standard, to the scenic Area 2018 work carries on the deployment Scenic area of the main functional departments responsible for the competition and signed the target responsibility, the work will be detailed to each department.Improve the coordination between the various departments of the scenic area and the entire scenic Area staff cohesion.

2018 a new spiritual village will be presented in front of everyone, every one of the spirit of the village staff will be a new work face to greet the tourists.